Persian and Welsh sound tracks in the film ‘Crash’


‘Crash’ was a film belonging to the hyperlink genre: which essentially is a story telling format where interlocking stories are combined.  This very sensitive film directed by Paul Haggis portrays racial prejudices in the U.S.A with shades of grey. There is inter-racial clash, confrontation and finally, redemption.

While the film has several soundtracks, none is as touching as the Persian -Welsh  medley that is played out in the background towards the end of the movie.  The song brings out the underlying current of   pathos (or the lack of it) which flows through the film.

The song composer is  Mark Isham and according to some websites, it  is sung by  Catherine Grant & Carol Ensley…However it seems unlikely that the Persian part of the song was sung by these artists. It sounds like the Persian singer, Pari Zangeneh . The Persian song is called   “Dokhtare Boyerahmadi”, is actually a folk song in Lori dialect. It means ‘A girl from Boyerahmad’. Boyerahmad is a province in Southwestern Iran. The lyrics are by Agha Mooshe.


دختر بویر احمدی نوم تو ندونم یار گلم
بیا بریم خونه خومون خونه خوتونه یار گلم
گلم ای یار گلم گل عزیز دلومه یار گلم

گل لیلا اومد و گل من نیومد یار گلم
خدای من امید من چرا نیومدی یار گلم
گلم ای یار گلم گل عزیز دلومه یار گلم

You can also hear other versions of this song on the following website:

The Welsh part of the song is called “Sense of Touch.” It is sung by Carol Ensley; the lyrics are from an old Welsh  love song called “Lisa Lan.”
Its about a lover yearning for his lost love, Lisa:
I have loved you many times
Yes many an hour in prolonged tenderness
I have kissed you mysterious Lisa
And your company was better than honey.My pure bough, my warm embrace
You are the purest in the world
You cause pain and anguish
And it is you who steals my life.When I stroll during the day
My little heart becomes sad
On hearing the sound of the little birds
I feel great longing for fair Lisa.When I stroll at nightfall
My little heart melts like wax
On hearing the sound of the little birds
I feel great longing for fair Lisa.Lisa will you escort me
To place my body in black earth?
I hope you will come, my dear friend
To the graveside where I am going.Great longing for Lisa Lân.
Great longing for Lisa Lân.
You can hear the full version of this song in the link given below:

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