Beautiful Bulgarian folk song in ‘Hummingbird’ (also known as ‘Redemption’)


This British production directed by Steven Knight  is about a  homeless ex-special forces soldier who is   on the run from a military court martial.  He is psychologically disturbed, and while navigating London’s criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man’s identity — transforming into an avenging angel in the process. He meets up with a nun and the two develop a special bond – both looking for redemption in each other…..

There is a beautiful Bulgarian folk song called Malka Moma Si Se Bogu Moli and  sung by Neli Andreeva with the Philip Koutev Choir:

Malka moma si se Bogu moli:             Little maiden prays to God:
Daj mi, Bože, oči golubovi              Give me, oh God, the eyes of a dove,
Daj mi, Bože, krilca sokolovi           Give me, oh God, the wings of a falcon,
Da si forknam otvăd beli Dunav        To fly away over the white Danube
Da si najda momče spored mene      To find myself a lad worthy of me

Ču ja Gospod,                                The Lord has heard her,
stori oči golubovi,                           made (her) the eyes of a dove,
krilca sokolovi,                               the wings of a falcon,
ta i dade krilca sokolovi,                  so he gave her the wings of a falcon

ta si najde momče spored neja.      and she found herself a lad worthy of her.



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