The Soulful Agonizing Song in ‘The Mist’

Lisa Gerard, courtesy Wikipedia
Lisa Gerard, courtesy Wikipedia

This is another movie to which Lisa Gerrard of the famed ‘Dead Can Dance’ group lent her haunting voice.Lisa Gerrard (born 12 April 1961) is an Australian musician, singer and composer who became famous as part of the music group Dead Can Dance with her music partner Brendan Perry. She has lent her soulful voice to many block busters like ‘Gladiater’, ‘Heat’, ‘Black Hawk Dawn’ and many more. Lisa has sung many of her songs in idioglossia, an invented language of her own.

The music of ‘The Mist’ is composed by none other than Mark Isham who also composed the sound track for ‘Crash’. Mark Ware Isham (born September 7, 1951) is an American trumpeter and film composer. He works in a variety of genres, including jazz, electronic and film. He is responsible for contributing the scores of nearly one hundred films. The song is played in the climax scene towards the end of the film, when the protagonist, David,  shoots his son and three friends to save them from an agonizing death by the alien monsters, only to discover minutes later that a massive rescue operation was on its way and they all would have been saved….



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